Rebrand yourself

It has been my pleasure to serve on the board of an outstanding Arizona organization call ASBA, the Arizona Small Business Association,  I am using this experience as an example of how a company or an individual can remake, recreate or rebrand itself to better serve it’s members or customers.  I recently returned from a strategic planning retreat and wish to share some information about a process that anyone can use to target their purpose and focus for the future.  This process will help you zero in on who you are, what you do and who you serve. By identifying these three things about yourself and your target market, you can be assured that the efforts of your marketing and sales teams and the money you spend will hit the mark. The simple steps are as follows:

1. Identify your target market in as narrow a parameter as you can.  If you serve multiple markets study how each one overlaps or intersects with the other to find the commonalities of need.

2. Engage in market research with your audience by phone, focus group or random interviews to determine their most critical problems and what they most desire from your business, industry or organization. Schedule regular evalutions of your marketplace to stay current on their needs.

3.  Study the competition and report what they do well and where they falter. Outline a plan to differentiate yourself.  Select an area that you can dominate and be catagorized as the leader.

4. Brainstorm with your team about how to position your products or services to best serve the needs of your target and brand yourself as the best.  Discuss the best methods to deliver your message.  

4.  Develop programs and services that fulfil the needs that were uncovered. Create unique offerings that are superior to your competition’s and serve to elevate your position as the prime resource for the solutions your target audience said they desire. Make sure your programing is focused, dependable and consistent.

5. Prepare a marketing program that answers the questions and delivers the solutions your audience told you they wanted.  Listen to what your customer is telling you.  Feed their needs and they will come to you.  Be the best at providing the deliverables they ask.  Deliver your message with authority and ownership in an aggressive and consistent manner.  Find your position of uniqueness. Own your brand.


1 Response to “Rebrand yourself”

  1. 1 Kitty Wiemelt August 17, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Susan, I love what you said about branding. I especially like the brainstorming with your team to find the best way to use your products and to fill the needs of those you serve. I believe the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is that many times we are too close to our business to see clearly how we can best serve our market. If we gather a team (whether it be a mastermind group or a couple of friends) who can see more objectively we will always be in a win-win situation.

    Narrowing the market for my “Laid Off? Don’t Stress” book has been a challenge because it’s about transitions and there are so many more transitions than being laid off as the title indicates. It is applicable to the situations of divorce or a loss or even deciding to retire; it gives encouragement and the power of hope to each of these markets through the variety of uplifting stories of 21 successful transitions. I plan to talk to a few friends to brainstorm how to address the various markets. Thanks for your insight. Kitty

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