Simple tips for saving money during installation

Why is it so hard for exhibiting companies to put a few processes in place that could save them so much time, money and headaches when setting up at a show.  Don’t they know that labor charges are billed in four-hour minimums?  My husband works in the installation and dismantle side of the business. He can put up and take down any brand exhibit from the small tabletop variety to the 50’x50′ custom two-story masterpiece.   When a company is paying $100,000 to send a booth and staff to a three day event you would think that attention would be paid to how the exhibit looks before the show opens.  You’d expect that someone would meet the installers and confirm everthing is correctly in place, but there is rarely a company representative around when the booth is going up.  This would be fine if complete installation instructions were in the shipping cases.  Unfortunately this is rarely the case.  Here is how a lack of instruction and a few mistakes can turn into expensive errors and how to avoid them.  

Let’s say installation begins and there are three sets of graphics delivered with the booth and no way of knowing which set goes on for this show.  The installer is not a mind reader,  so they make a decision based on an old photo in the case. When the salesperson pops in six hours after the booth is put up and discovers that the graphics are incorrect he calls the installer and demands he return and make the change.  This is 9pm at night and the shipping cases are already loaded on the storage truck.  The installer goes to the hall, (this is another 4 hour-minimum at overtime rates),  he finds out that he cannot get into the crates until morning.  He comes back in the morning (another 4 hour mini unless the company is very sympathetic), The cases are way in the front of the 40′ semi which requires a fork lift to unload.  (another charge)  The graphics are located and installed just minutes before the show opens.  That’s if you’re lucky.  Sometimes you don’t make it until after the show opens.  Remember, this was not the labor’s fault.

Simple solution.  Each set of graphics should be labled.  Set A, Set B, Set C for example.  A photo of the booth with each set of graphics should be in the case with clear instructions as to which set gets installed in which city or show.  A photo of the completed booth can do wonders for helping the installers understand how the booth is configured, where counters are set or product displays get positioned.  A simple checklist of parts is also a simple way to avoid errors.  Make the list in triplicate.  One checklist gets marked when the booth goes out, one gets checked when the booth goes up and the third when the booth goes down to insure everything makes it back home.  Your labor people are not mind readers.  Make it easy for them to do a good job for you and save money in the process


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