Home Shows- Incredible exposure to buyers

I had a fun time  in Fresno California a week ago when I spoke to the exhibitors at the Fresno Home & Garden Show produced by Julie and Otis Geistlinger, www.fresnoshows.com.  They also produce a Home improvement and remodeling & redecorating show.  This delightful couple have been hosting their events for 23 years and do one heck of a job bringing hundreds of vendors together with thousands of customers.  Over 600 exhibitors displayed their wares to over 25,000 people that weekend.  I flew in the day before my presentation so I could walk the floor and personally introduce myself and invite the business owners to my seminar.  Many had been looking forward to my arrival, others had missed the memo and the rest thought they already knew everything.  The first thing I do when I get on stage is to compliment the seminar attendees for taking the time to attend my training.  Out of hundreds of exhibitors, they are the businesses who want to learn and grow.  Believe me, no matter how many years someone has exhibited in a show it does not mean they know it all.  That was evident by the number of companies  represented by a cockeyed vinyl banner  falling off the back wall of their booth and the countless booth staffers sitting, reading or eating while customers walked by.  The biggest compliment I can receive is when a veteran exhibitor stops by after my class to tell me they were skeptical about coming, but actually picked up some really good tips.  I love when that happens and it does happen nearly every seminar.  I was listening to a trainer speak recently and he talked about practicing your craft.  He reminded us of the saying “Practice makes perfect”  and told us that was not true.  It’s perfect practice that makes perfect!  This is so applicable to home show exhibitors (and most exhibitors, for that matter).  Few have ever been given a sales strategy or script to use at the booth.  Rarely do booth staff receive a list of goals to accomplish beyond selling or getting leads.  The problem is that they’ve repeated the same bad behaviors, activities and designs at their booth for years so they figure they know what they are doing because they do get some leads and close some sales.  With 25,000 people coming by, let’s hope so.  However, they have no idea how many more leads they could get or how many more sales they could close if they actually had some training.  That’s why I’ m here.  If you’d like to learn about the five key elements that can turn your exhibit booth into a powerful profit center, look me up.  www.susanratliffpresents.com or www.exhibitexpertsaz.com


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