Business Expo offers cheap leads

Looking for a cheap way to find qualified leads and get a tasty snack. Attend the Scottsdale Chamber’s Business Expo at the Chaparral Suites Resort on Thursday September 10th from 4-7 pm.   Over 120 businesses will be showcasing their resources.  Exhibit Experts will be there for all your tradeshow needs so stop by in you are in Scottsdale Arizona.  Below are a few tips for both exhibitors and attendees to help you make the most of your time on the show floor. 

In today’s depressed economic climate small business owners are searching for cost effective marketing tools and new ways to attract customers.  One method that consistently produces results and remains a great value is face to face marketing at a tradeshow.  Tradeshows are an exception source of business for both exhibitors and attendees.  Here some tips for maximizing your next tradeshow experience from either side of the exhibit aisle.

Tips for attendees:

  • Prepare in advance: Research the exhibitors from the show website and create a list of must-see products and services.
  • Be ready to deal: Bring detailed information that will help an exhibitor quote your project or answer your questions.
  • Network:  Reconnect with customers and colleagues.
  • Discover what’s new:  Look for new innovations and what’s hot in the marketplace.

Tips for Exhibitors:

  • Collect leads: Gather contact information from qualified customers using a drawing, guest book or newsletter sign-up form. Categorize and rank leads according to quality.
  • Be prepared to deal– Staff your booth with knowledgeable, friendly people ready to close a sale.
  • Collect competitive intelligence: Compare the competitor’s image, display, price points and product line with yours.
  • Gather market research: Check the pulse of the public with a short survey to uncover customer wants, needs and opinions.

For more information about the value of tradeshow marketing check out the resources at



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