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I had the pleasure of presenting an exhibitor training seminar to distributors from all over the country who market and install beautiful floor coatings in residential garages, plane hangers, industrial buildings etc.  The Garage Floor Coating parent company is located in Phoenix.  (

It is important to note that these small business owners left their companies, flew out of town and devoted several days to improve their product knowledge, sales skills and marketing expertise.  In spite of the economic uncertainty, expense and time involved, they invested in their business and themselves.  They did not moan and groan, complain or blame. They took charge of their own future.  As a result of what they learned, they probably got one step ahead of their competition. 

I taught them how to turn their exhibit booth into a powerful profit center. How to set goals for the show, generate leads and sales, design a dynamic display, promote attendees to the booth and follow up with qualified prospects.  Suppliers taught them about the latest product benefits and industry technologies and the parent company gave them the encouragement and support they needed to overcome the hardships of this current economic climate.  They networked with their peers, shared problems and successes and got re-energized. I encourage you to get up, get out and go to seminars, conferences and tradeshows to stay sharp and on the cutting edge.  Read, surf the net and stay up to date on what it takes to grow and prosper in business.  Come meet me and learn about selling, marketing, business plans, organizing, publicity and more at the Women Entrepreneurs’ Small Business Boot Camp, February 6th.  Register on line or pay at the door. See you


Take charge of your own Stimulus Package

Round up your troops and march into the new year with the ammunition you need to increase profits and build your business.  Attend seminars, conferences and educational events that will expand your skills and knowledge.  If you are going to be in the Phoenix area February 6th please consider registering for the Women Entrepreneurs’ Small Business Boot Camp.  I am proud to say I created this conference in 2005 to showcase the talented women business owners in my state and to celebrate the power and influence of the micro-business owners.   Micro businesses operate with under ten employees.  They may be micro in size, but they are the engine that drives the economy.  If government stimulus dollars were put in the hands of these tens of billions of innovative business owners this economy would be cranking with new hires, increased sales and expansions.  Why they “don’t get it” I don’t understand.  Anyway, this year is going to be much better, because we will take our destiny in our own hands.  It’s time to take charge of your own stimulus package.