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Las Vegas Conference for Tradeshow Industry

My bags are packed for my trip to Las Vegas to attend the Exhibitor Show at Mandalay Bay starting Sunday.  This is the largest trade show specifically for those of us who work in the tradeshow industry.  Manufacturers from all over the world will be showcasing the latest and greatest products and services that companies like mine offer.  This is where I go to find new innovations in technology and fabulous products and services for my customers.   Anyone who is involved in planning or exhibiting in a tradeshow, consumer show, job fair or temporary vending event would find this show amazing and educational.  Wish me luck on the Roulette table and give me a hollar after Wednesday if you’d like to know what I discovered on the show floor.

The age of too much information

I bet you didn’t know there was a National Association of Information Destruction, did you?  (   Well, there is and it has global affiliates.  I just returned from the NAID annual convention in Las Vegas where I taught the conference exhibitors how to sell more, look great and make money at tradeshows.  We live in an age where too much of our personal information is out there.  It’s out there, everywhere for anyone to access or steal if they really want to.  There is an entire industry of businesses dedicated to protecting, securing, collecting and destroying personal, private and confidential information.  They include shredding companies that will rip confidential documents into confetti.  Trucks that will drive to your business and crush up old computers and servers into tiny bits of plastic. Container companies that will secure tons of private paperwork until you can dispose of it properly.  If you own a business that accepts credit card payments, deals with private health records, upgrades computers regularly or otherwise collects personal information on customers, be aware that you are legally responsible for the safety of that info. Everyone needs to learn that the government is now making it our responsibility for protecting this information and the consequenses are harsh for those who don’t.  This is your wakeup call. Check it out.